I'm lazy....

So much for posting more. :P

I think I have been using the lazy excuse for everything lately despite that I have more time this summer than I have had the last two summers.
I graduated from AACC this spring, I am preparing my art portfolio for review by SCAD. I also have been dabbling in making earrings and jewelry as of late. Earrings are such a quick item to make and I have having more and more success at making really nice looking pairs.

I find myself at the store looking at earrings and can't bring myself to buy them because I believe I can make some myself for less than what I paid.
But then I don't make the earrings and I think and contemplate about buying the very earrings that I have said I was going to make.
In the meantime, I am in the process of making a Sackboy blanket for my new nephew. My nephew was just born on June 12 and I'm absolutely excited to go see him as soon as possible.

So I will make it a point to at least make a posting once a week on Saturday of any items I make and what I am currently working on.
Since I didn't do one this past Saturday I will do two this week. This will include any projects whether it be drawing, jewelry, crochet, (maybe even knitting if I can get the hang of it), writing (I have written a couple of chapters for a fanfic that I have not finished).

That's all for now. I will check back in this week for my next update.



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