Free Apollo

Here is my beautiful nephew Apollo. Right now his mother cannot see him because of lies and deceit by his father and his father's family. Because they know how to use the law against her, she, after spending every moment with him for 10 1/2 months, had to leave him behind in North Carolina and return to her home state of Maryland. Everyone who knows Jen knows that this child is her life. She will move heaven and earth to make sure this child has everything he needs. Jen needs a lawyer so that she can be able to fight for custody of her son. She has a hearing on the 29th in North Carolina and must have a retainer for the lawyer. Apollo's father and family knows that she has been a stay at home mother and knows that she is now at a disadvantage. Please help Jen raise the money she needs to be reunited with her son. This boy has seen her everyday of his life and they have been separated for over a week now. Any monies you give will be greatly appreciated. In addition to donations, Jen and I are teaming up to take custom orders for hand painted artificial nails as well I make and sell jewelry. I will post pictures on my Facebook of jewelry I have made however if you have something in mind please let me know. One item that is really popular is the Chan Luu style wrapped bracelets. Here is an example of what the bracelets look like. They can be made with leather or waxed cotton cording and any bead combinations that you like as long at the bead and fit in the bracelet's frame.
The bracelets start at $15 for a standard 7.5 inch wrist. If you want it to wrap more than once, it is $ 5 more per wrap (usually no more than 5 wraps). The artificial nail sets start at $20. These are hand painted and the designs are sealed in with a top coat. Please help us reunite my sister with her son. No woman as dedicated as my sister should have to endure being without their child.
****UPDATE**** May, 29, 2012 Thank you all for your support and love! It is wonderful to know that my sister and nephew have touched so many lives. This have been a busy morning and weekend and I'm glad to report that Mommy, Daddy and baby are on their way back to Maryland where they can raise their child together with the support of true family and friends! Thank you all again for your help!