October Swap

I joined a swap group on For those of you that don't know, Ravelry is a site for crocheters and knitters. It is the best resource for patterns and to be able to become friends with people who share your love of your craft.
I did my first swap. My swap partner loved all her goodies.
I crocheted the little witchy complete with a scarf to brave the chilly fall weather. I made a little drawstring bag to put little caramel candies for her to snack on... a plastic bag just wouldn't do.
I gave her three handmade stitch markers with beads from my little stash and two skeins of sock yarn!

I think I have a better understanding of how swaps work and would love to do more in the future!

Art Fire Group Deal

Artfire is having a GREAT deal but they need 20,000 people to sign up for it for people to take advantage. If you are familiar with Etsy, then you need to check this out!

Thank you!

I'd like to take a minute to thank Mrs. Kimberly Rihn for allowing me to interview her about her business for my small business management class. Her website is

Thank you!

Hoping to Stay on Track......

getting married in daysCreated by [url=]Wedding Favors[/url]

We picked a date but we'll make it official when we're at the one year away mark. :)

Need to interview a small business manager

I need to interview a small business manager. I have no idea how to get a hold of one. I only have 7 questions and I can do it over email, twitter, facebook, whatever.
If anyone is interested please contact me :) I have to complete this by Tuesday.



Officially selling on Etsy..

Well I added my first item anyway.. a cute little bunny :-)
I will start added more items through the month and maybe even my mom will add some of her knitted goodies as well :D

I want this book......

Browse Inside this book
Get this for your site

I've only gotten to read the beginning of the book but I need to get it so I can finish it...

Crafty Bunny

amigurumi,mr funky,dress,yellow,bunny,bunny in a dressamigurumi,mr funky,dress,yellow,bunny,bunny in a dress

I made this for my daughter a while back... I think it is so cute...I had to share...

New Year's Resolutions... everybody's got them....

So I decided on some important New Year's resolutions. I really do plan on sticking to them this year. Some are random things and there are the generic resolutions that EVERYBODY says that they are doing. Without further ado here they are

  1. Lose weight-Yes I started with the most common ailment in the world. I'm not fat....yet. But I have a lot of fat on me that needs to go away... enough said.
  2. Need to get all bills up to date-because of the holidays, I was bad and all my bills are behind. I need to get them all to 100% caught up.
  3. Become financially stable-self explanatory, I want to live on my own, need to be able to pay bills
  4. Become organized-I'm forever cleaning because I don't organize. I'd rather not have to clean so much....
  5. Read more-I used to read alot, and now I read the same things over and over (::cough::Twilight::cough::). I'm going to actively look at more books to read and to own.
  6. Set up my Etsy shop-I've been lazy about setting up my Etsy shop. I'm a crafter of many things and I have the ability to learn even more. I should start my business like I have had so many people tell me.
  7. Finish all crochet projects-I have projects EVERYWHERE that I haven't finished.
  8. Write a fan fic-I have stuff written down that I have ideas for but I've never been much of a writer at heart. I think I should give it a shot so people can critique it for me.
  9. Draw and paint more-I was an art major, my teacher scolded me often that I was wasting my talent. There's something that happens when you realize that the picture you are getting on the paper is pretty close to what you see. And I have my 10-year high school reunion coming up and I owe someone a drawing of Tuxedo Mask.
  10. Blog more-I plan on actually blogging more. About my crafts, artwork, life...I think I can have a new release.