On Vacay

I'm not posting this week due to vacation. I will be sure to post later this week and again on Saturday.

Traveling, new skill learned.. and of course earrings :)

Since my last post I have only managed to get to get about 2-3 rows done on the baby blanket for my nephew. I need to fully complete the blanket to 40" x 40" as the pattern calls for by next Friday. Next Friday evening/early Saturday, I'm going to drive with my parents, boyfriend, and daughter to visit my sister in North Carolina. She moved down to NC at the beginning of April and we haven't seen her new son except through the many pictures she posts on Facebook.

So while I'm working on getting that blanket done, I'm also working keeping my goal of working on new jewelry projects each week and posting my progress.

Yesterday, I was visiting Target to get a less exciting power strip for my bed room when I ran across a clearance rack full of shower curtains. Well imagine my joy to know that the shower curtain was only 3.74!!! Add in a book called Simply Sublime Bags that I bought from Amazon a couple of months ago with a pattern to make a shower curtain to a bag :) I was overcome with joy. Imagine the restraint it took to NOT buy all the shower curtains they had. The one I picked was called something Pineapple.
The only problem is that the book requires that I photocopy the template to 333% magnification.. alas I don't have that capability at home :'(
But I do have Amy Butler's Style Stitches which comes with the patterns in the back of the book :) and I feel like I need to make a bag this weekend.

I am in the process of making my own light box so I can replace the pictures I have on my Etsy and Artfire with better ones. I got the tutorial from this website.So far I still have just this box.
I'm not sure why my picture keeps rotating to the right... but if you turn your head to the right you can see the top of the box and the marks of where I'm going to cut it like in the tutorial.

I learned a new skill.
My mom is teaching me how to knit. Well she showed me and I've been practicing for a few rows.
It's pretty simple to get started once she showed me. The book is really no help yet. Maybe later when I need to learn how to read the patterns.
As you can see I'm not far yet.

And last but not least....

I'm still working on the threaded earrings (I have no coiling gizmo so I'm using a different method).
But here are the earrings I've made. The brown pair are from a kit from Walmart, the blue and silver, I made from premade wire wrapped beads, random glass beads, chain and wire, and the cotton thread ones were crocheted and then assembled with silver findings.
Well that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back with the threaded earrings and a finishing baby blanket :)

~* Jasmine